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Salad Servers and Coasters

Coloured enamelled aluminium coasters, all are food safe, sealed against staining, low maintenance, sealed against oxidizing, high gloss enamelled finish, broad appeal.

Aqua Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752AQ

Blue Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752BL

Blue Coasters set of 6
Code: LGM217BL

Golden Sunset Salad Servers 30cm
Code: LGM751GD
Red Ember Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752RE

Red Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752R

Red Coasters set of 6
Code: LGM217RR

Emerald Coasters set of 6
Code: LGM217EM

Black Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752BK

Silver Salad Servers 30cm
Code: LGM751S
Yellow Salad Servers 30cm
Code: LGM751Y

Rough Copper Coasters set of 4
Code: LRC617C

Rough Gold Coasters set of 4
Code: LRG717G


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