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Chrome, Silver, Polished Aluminium and Nickel

Chrome and silver coloured and polished aluminium bowls, platters, dishes, vases, figurines and servers. All bowls and platters are food safe, sealed against staining and oxidizing and low maintenance.  We have a large range of shapes, sizes and uses thoughout the home or office.

Invocation Sculpture Silver Mirror
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In Stock: 1
Redemption Sculpture Metallic Silver Mirror
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In Stock: 3
Climbing Woman C - Steel
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In Stock: 1
Code: LCC2820SM
1 only available

Climbing Couple D - Onward and Upward - Steel
In Stock: 16
Code: LCC2030SM
Yoga C Figurine 18cm
In Stock: 28
Code: LSM733
Yoga D Figurine 17cm
In Stock: 9
Code: LSM734
24cm Figurine - Arms Down
In Stock: 22
Code: LSM725
26cm Figurine - Arms Back
In Stock: 15
Code: LSM724
Stretching Figurine 16cm
In Stock: 52
Code: LSM713
Box of 4 polished Aluminium 6cm balls
In Stock: 16

Box of 4 polished Aluminium 8cm balls
In Stock: 5

Box of 4 hammered aluminium 8cm balls
In Stock: 2

Box of 4 hammered aluminium 10cm balls
In Stock: 7

Polished Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
In Stock: 26
Code: LSM568
Polished Aluminium 42cm Oval Bowl
In Stock: 9
Code: LSM482

Jug 1.85 litre
In Stock: 9
Code: LSN122

Jug 2.1 litre
In Stock: 4
Code: LSN124

Silver Salad Servers 30cm
In Stock: 45
Code: LGM751S

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