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White enamelled and polished aluminium bowls, platters, dishes and servers. All bowls and platters are food safe, sealed against staining and oxidizing and low maintenance. High gloss enamelled colour and polished aluminium finish. Large range of shapes, sizes and uses thoughout the home or office.

Labyrinth Male Athlete Sculpture Black and White

Face and Palm Sculpture - White
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Code: LCF1608W

Face and Finger Sculpture - White
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Code: LCF1602W

Face and Hand Lady Sculpture - White
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Code: LCF1605W

BACK ORDER: November 11th
Small White Bird A Statue
Code: LCG14W
French Bulldog Standing - White
Code: LCBD50W
Geometric Dog Sculpture - White
Code: LCGD32W
Geometric Cat Sculpture - White
Code: LCGC29W
Geometric Bird Sculpture - White
Code: LCGB30W
Apple Sculpture - White
Code: LCFA19W
Pear Sculpture - White
Code: LCFP22W
White Cherry Small Ornament
Code: LCFCR14W
BACK ORDER: November 11th
White Cherry Medium Ornament
Code: LCFCR22W
BACK ORDER: November 11th
White Cherry Large Ornament
Code: LCFCR26W
Balloon Teddy Bear - White
Code: LCTB25W
Climbing Woman - White
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Code: LCC2018W

Ring of Infinity Sculpture - White
Code: LCRI82W

Sorrento Floor Vase Large
Code: LCVS127W
Faces In The Wind Sculpture- White
Code: LCFW60W
Out of stock: Out of stock
White Sails 73cm
Code: LCS73W
Sold Out: Sold Out
White Sails 115cm
Code: LCS115W
Sold Out: Sold Out
Blaze Sculpture 42cm - White
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Code: LCB42W

Display Pedestal for Sculpture 90cm White

Display Pedestal for Sculpture 71cm White

Lady Sitting Figurine - White
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Code: LCLY25W
BACK ORDER: November 11th
Lady Awakening Figurine - White
Code: LCLA33W
Lady Resting Figurine - White
Code: LCLR22W
Lady Waiting Figurine - White
Code: LCLW40W
White 28cm Mother and Child
Code: LWT691
Boxed Set of 3 White 13cm Bowls
Code: B1WWW
Boxed Set of 3 White 13cm Oval Nut Bowls
Code: DWWW337

White Aluminium 1.5 litre Jug
Code: LWT912
White Bowl 13cm
Code: LWT963
White Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LWT965

White Aluminium Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LWT530

White Aluminium Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LWT531

White Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LWT532
White Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LWT246

White Abstract Aluminium Bowl large
Code: LWT934

White Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LWT984
White Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LWT986
White Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LWT988
White Tapered Aluminium Bowl
Code: LWT971
White Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LWT950
White Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LWT952

White Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752W

White Vase 23cm
Code: LWT906
White Coasters set of 6
Code: LGM217W

White Vase 56cm
Code: LWT908
White Bud Vase 38cm
Code: LWT312
White Shell Dish 19cm
Code: LWT375

White Shell Dish 29cm
Code: LWT376


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