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Decorative Abstract Sculptures, Statues and Figurines

Our coloured abstract Scultures, Statues and figurines are made from cast aluminium or resin. Each item is individually hand polished and  finished with a high gloss colour layer.  The polished pieces are finished by hand polishing the pieces until a bright polished metal finish is obtained. 
All these pieces are unaffected by heat and direct sunlight so are safe to display anywhere inside your home, office or foyer.

Labyrinth Male Athlete Sculpture Black and White

Black Gloss Male Athlete Sculpture 45cm
Code: LCMA45B

Matte Black Male Athlete Sculpture 45cm
Code: LCMA45MB

Black Male Athlete Sculpture 80cm
Code: LCMA80B

Chrome Male Athlete Sculpture 45cm
Code: LCMA45CH

Chrome Male Athlete Sculpture 80cm
Code: LCMA80CH

Deep Thinker Sculpture

Obsession Sculpture in Black

The Dive Sculpture - Black 23cm
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Code: LCMD23B

Lord of the Ring Sculpture - Black Gloss

Lord of the Ring Sculpture - Matte Black

The Balancing Man Sculpture - Black
Code: LCBM76B

The Balancing Man Sculpture - Matte Black
Code: LCBM76MB

Male Gymnast A - Black Gloss
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Male Gymnast B - Black Gloss
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French Bulldog Sitting - Black Gloss
Code: LCBD40B
French Bulldog Standing - Black Gloss
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Code: LCBD50B
French Bulldog Standing - White
Code: LCBD50W
Pug Dog Standing Matte Black Statue
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Code: LCPD23MB
Pug Dog Sitting Matte Black Statue
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Code: LCPD25MB
Princess Pooch - White Dog Sculpture
Code: LCPP52W
Geometric Dog Sculpture - White
Code: LCGD32W
Geometric Dog Sculpture - Black
Code: LCGD32B
Geometric Dog Sculpture - Green
Code: LCGD32G
Geometric Cat Sculpture - White
Code: LCGC29W
Geometric Cat Sculpture - Black
Code: LCGC29B
Geometric Bird Sculpture - White
Code: LCGB30W
Balloon Teddy Bear - Red
Code: LCTB25R
Balloon Teddy Bear - White
Code: LCTB25W
Balloon Teddy Bear - Yellow
Code: LCTB25Y
Balloon Teddy Bear - Blue
Code: LCTB25BL
Strawberry - Small
Code: LCFS25S
Red Chilli - Small
Code: LCFCH33
Apple Sculpture - White
Code: LCFA19W
Pear Sculpture - White
Code: LCFP22W
White Cherry Small Ornament
Code: LCFCR14W
White Cherry Medium Ornament
Code: LCFCR22W
White Cherry Large Ornament
Code: LCFCR26W
Red Cherry Small Ornament
Red Cherry Medium Ornament
Red Cherry Large Ornament
Twin Cherries - Small Metallic red
Code: LCFCR28MR2
Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Twin Cherries - Small Red Wine
Code: LCFCR28RW2
Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Climbing Woman - Red
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Code: LCC2018R

Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Climbing Man A - Black
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Code: LCC3724B
Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Climbing Man B - White
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Code: LCC3720W
Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Ring of Infinity Sculpture - White
Code: LCRI82W

Ring of Infinity Sculpture - Chrome
Code: LCRI82CH

Ring of Infinity Sculpture - Red
Code: LCRI82R

Barrel Wave Crome Sculpture
Code: LCWB43CH

Chrome Wave Sculpture 86cm
Code: LCW86CH

Sorrento Floor Vase Small
Code: LCVS86W
Sorrento Floor Vase Large
Code: LCVS127W
Metallic Orange Unity Sculpture 60cm
Code: LCU60MO

Metallic Orange Unity Sculpture 90cm
Code: LCU90MO

Red Unity Sculpture 60cm
Code: LCU60R

Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Red Unity Sculpture 90cm
Code: LCU90R

Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Aqua Unity Sculpture 60cm
Code: LCU60A

Aqua Unity Sculpture 90cm
Code: LCU90A

Silver Unity Sculpture 90cm
Code: LCU90S

Faces In The Wind Sculpture- White
Code: LCFW60W
Faces In The Wind Sculpture - Antique Copper
Code: LCFW60AC
Faces In The Wind Sculpture - Antique Gold
Code: LCFW60AG
Out of stock: Out of stock
Aqua Sails Sculpture 73cm
Code: LCS73A
Out of stock: Out of stock
White Sails 73cm
Code: LCS73W
White Sails 115cm
Code: LCS115W
Back Order Feb 1: SOLD OUT back order
Lime Flame Sculpture 35cm
Code: LLM545

Black 35cm Flame Sculpture
Code: LGB655

Aqua Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LGA682

Blue Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LBL686

Black Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LGB687

Orange Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LGG685

Red Ember Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LRE683

Red Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LGM688

Polished Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LSM689

Lady Awakening Figurine - White
Code: LCLA33W
Lady Resting Figurine - White
Code: LCLR22W
Lady Waiting Figurine - White
Code: LCLW40W
Lady Awakening Figurine - Black
Code: LCLA33B
Lady Resting Figurine - Black
Code: LCLR22B
Lady Awakening Figurine - Red
Code: LCLA33R
Lady Resting Figurine - Red
Code: LCLR22R
Lady Waiting Figurine - Red
Code: LCLW40R
Silver Horns Sculpture 86cm
Code: LCH86S

Polished 28cm Mother and Child
Code: LSM692
Black 28cm Mother and Child
Code: LGB690
White 28cm Mother and Child
Code: LWT691
Yoga A Figurine 18cm
Code: LSM731
Yoga B Figurine 24cm
Code: LSM732
Yoga C Figurine 18cm
Code: LSM733
Yoga D Figurine 17cm
Code: LSM734
26cm Figurine - Arms Forward
Code: LSM723
24cm Figurine - Arms Down
Code: LSM725
26cm Figurine - Arms Back
Code: LSM724
Balancing Figurine 20cm
Code: LSM712
Stretching Figurine 16cm
Code: LSM713
Embrace Figurine 30cm
Code: LSM722
Orange Entwined Sculpture 35cm
Code: LGG584

Lime Entwined Sculpture 35cm
Code: LLM594

Lime Entwined Sculpture 52cm
Code: LLM598


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