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Sorrento Floor Vase Small
Code: LCVS86W
Out of stock: Out of stock
Sorrento Floor Vase Large
Code: LCVS127W
Out of stock: Out of stock
Aqua Vase 56cm
Code: LGA808

Blue Vase 30cm
Code: LBL407
Lime Vase 23cm
Code: LLM306
Lime Vase 40cm
Code: LLM302

Orange Vase 56cm
Code: LGG308
Red Ember Vase 56cm
Code: LRE208
Red Vase 56cm
Code: LGM508
White Vase 23cm
Code: LWT906
White Vase 56cm
Code: LWT908
White Bud Vase 38cm
Code: LWT312
Rough Nickel 43cm Vase
Code: LRN193

Rough Nickel 61cm Vase
Code: LRN195

Polished Bud Vase 38cm
Code: LSM512
Black Vase 23cm
Code: LGB106

Black Vase 56cm
Code: LGB108
Light Granite Tapered Vase 35cm
Code: LGF121
Dark Granite Tapered Vase 26cm
Code: LGF220

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