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Platters and Dishes

Polished aluminium and coloured enamelled aluminium platters and dishes.

Red Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGM284
Aqua Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LGA846

Aqua Small Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LGA886
Aqua Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LGA888
Aqua Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LGA850
Blue Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LBL484
Blue Angular Platter 42cm
Code: LBL443
Lime Swish Dish 74cm
Code: LLM449

Lime Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LLM484
Golden Sunset Orange Swish Dish 74cm
Code: LGG359

Golden Sunset Orange Angular Platter 42cm
Code: LGG343
Golden Sunset Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGG384
Golden Sunset Abstract Platter 41cm
Code: LGG331
Orange Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LGG352
Red Ember Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LRE252
Red Ember Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LRE246

Red Ember Small Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LRE286
Available Oct 1st: Oct 1st
Red Ember Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LRE284
Red Ember Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LRE288
Red Ember Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LRE250
Red Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LGM550
White Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LWT246

White Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LWT984
White Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LWT986
White Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LWT988
White Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LWT950
White Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LWT952

White Shell Dish 19cm
Code: LWT375

White Shell Dish 29cm
Code: LWT376

White Shell Dish 39cm
Code: LWT377

White Shell Dish 45cm
Code: LWT378

Emerald Long Dish 51cm
Code: LEM554

Emerald Rectangular Platter 35cm
Code: LEM160
Rough Copper Leaf Dish 58cm
Code: LRC688
Rough Copper Leaf Dish 73cm
Code: LRC689
Rough Nickel Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LRN184
Rough Nickel Leaf Dish 73cm
Code: LRN189
Rough Gold Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LRG784
Polished Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LSM566
Polished Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LSM568
Polished Leaf Dish 75cm
Code: LSM567
Polished Leaf Dish 85cm
Code: LSM550
Polished 38cm Open Platter
Code: LSM269
Polished 31cm Open Platter
Code: LSM260
Black Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LGB152
Black Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LGB146

Black Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGB184
Black Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LGB188
Light Granite Square Platter 35cm
Code: LGF161

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