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Bowls, Platters and Dishes

Coloured enamel and  polished aluminium decorative bowls, platters and dishes.  All the coloured enamelled items are food safe, sealed against staining and oxidizing and low maintenance. High gloss enamelled colour and polished aluminium finish. Large range of shapes, sizes and uses thoughout the home or office. The rough copper and gold pieces are not food safe and for decorative purposes only.

Red Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGM284
Boxed Set of 3 Multi Coloured 13cm Nut Bowls A,L,R
Code: DALR339
Boxed Set of 3 Multi Coloured 13cm Nut Bowls L,A,O
Code: DLAO338
Boxed Set of 3 Aqua 13cm Bowls
Code: B1AAA
Boxed Set of 3 Black 13cm Bowls
Code: B1KKK
Boxed Set of 3 Aqua 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DAAA336
Aqua Bowl 13cm
Code: LGA863

Aqua Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LGA846

Aqua Small Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LGA886
Aqua Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LGA888
Aqua Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LGA850
Aqua Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LGA530
Aqua Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LGA531

Aqua Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LGA532
Boxed Set of 3 Blue 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DBBB350
Blue Abstract Aluminium Bowl medium
Code: LBL435
Blue Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LBL430
Blue Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LBL431

Blue Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LBL432

Blue Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LBL484
Blue Angular Platter 42cm
Code: LBL443
Boxed Set of 3 Lime 13cm Bowls
Code: B1LLL

Boxed Set of 3 Lime 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DLLL335

Lime Bowl 13cm
Code: LLm463
Lime Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LLM465

Lime Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LLM630
Lime Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LLM631

Lime Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LLM632

Lime Swish Dish 74cm
Code: LLM449

Lime Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LLM484
Boxed Set of 3 Orange 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DOOO334

Orange Bowl 13cm
Code: LGG363
Orange Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LGG365

Golden Sunset Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LGG530
Golden Sunset Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LGG531

Golden Sunset Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LGG532
Golden Sunset Orange Angular Platter 42cm
Code: LGG343
Golden Sunset Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGG384
Golden Sunset Abstract Platter 41cm
Code: LGG331
Orange Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LGG352
Orange Square Bowl 20cm
Code: LGG315
Boxed Set of 3 Orange Bowls 13cm
Code: B1OOO
Boxed Set of 3 Red Ember 13cm Bowls
Code: B1MMM

Boxed Set of 3 Red Ember 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DMMM345

Red Ember Bowl 13cm
Code: LRE263
Red Ember Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LRE265
Red Ember Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LRE530
Red Ember Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LRE531

Red Ember Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LRE532
Red Ember Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LRE252
Red Ember Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LRE246

Red Ember Small Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LRE286
Red Ember Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LRE284
Red Ember Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LRE288
Red Ember Tapered Aluminium Bowl
Code: LRE271
Red Ember Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LRE250
Boxed Set of 3 Red Bowls
Code: B1RRR

Boxed Set of 3 Red 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DRRR333

Red Bowl 13cm
Code: LGM563

Red Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LGM565
Red Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LGM550
Red Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LGM530
Red Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LGM531

Red Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LGM532
Red Abstract Aluminium Bowl 37cm
Code: LGM234
Boxed Set of 3 White 13cm Bowls
Code: B1WWW
Boxed Set of 3 White 13cm Oval Nut Bowls
Code: DWWW337

White Bowl 13cm
Code: LWT963
White Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LWT965

White Aluminium Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LWT530

White Aluminium Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LWT531

White Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LWT532
White Angular Dish 69cm
Code: LWT246

White Abstract Aluminium Bowl large
Code: LWT934

White Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LWT984
White Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LWT986
White Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LWT988
White Tapered Aluminium Bowl
Code: LWT971
White Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LWT950
White Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LWT952

White Shell Dish 19cm
Code: LWT375

White Shell Dish 29cm
Code: LWT376

Emerald Long Dish 51cm
Code: LEM554

Emerald Rectangular Platter 35cm
Code: LEM160
Emerald Abstract Aluminium Bowl medium
Code: LEM535

Emerald Abstract Aluminium Bowl large
Code: LEM534

Boxed Set of 3 Mixed 13cm Bowls
Code: BCNG160
Rough Copper Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LRC630
Rough Copper Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LRC631

Rough Copper Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LRC632

Boxed Set of 3 Rough Copper 13cm Bowls
Code: BCCC161
Rough Copper Leaf Dish 58cm
Code: LRC688
Rough Copper Leaf Dish 73cm
Code: LRC689
Rough Copper 44cm Round Bowl
Code: LRC625

Boxed Set of 3 Rough Nickel 13cm Bowls
Code: BNNN162
Rough Nickel Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LRN131

Rough Nickel Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LRN132

Rough Nickel Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LRN184
Rough Nickel Leaf Dish 73cm
Code: LRN189
Rough Nickel 44cm Round Bowl
Code: LRN125


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